Where in time is God? when you prayer where do you picture God being?


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Time is essentially the linear scale employed by man to assess the intervals between specific events. No gods need apply, the scale works without them.

Gods are primitive explanations formulated by men to address specific enigmas of a certain period; interesting how a god’s nature always precisely reflects the ideals promoted by the cultures that invoke them.

Gods relate to time in that they are relevant only during the span of time in which they are observed; Zeus, Odin and Mithras are of earlier times, as are the vast majority of the 2800 or so other gods we can identify, and have few, if any, observers now. They are thus irrelevant, except as discussion of mythology.

If time is any measure (and of course, it is), then the current concepts of God(s) are bound to travel the same course to irrelevance as all their predecessors, ...in due time.

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Time is the relationship of things that change.  God does not change, so He is not "in" time.

Picture Him as and where you choose---just be sure to build a relationship with Him.

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That is slightly different---since it was as a result of knowledge gained by him during pre-marriage protocols.

The problem was not that either of you was wrong, but that your "personal philosophies" were, in his judgment, significantly different as to cause a serious potential problem.

So I assume one or both of you changed sufficiently or came to some workable agreement.
Darik Majoren
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I tend to agree, but the issues were with me and the Priest and not me and my wife.
I don't think a marriage between the Priest and I would have lasted 1 month . . . ;)
It's been 29 blissful years for my wife and I.
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This is a good place to finish---regards.
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God is ever present, so God is all through time.

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You are the god you seek.

God is a particle not a person.

Go on space.com type in A/2017u1.

This is from LYRA. Do you think it is god?

Time to evolve.

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So you believe you and I are God, how can we make a universe?
Darik Majoren
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Well, we where even more powerful then that Perry . . . we created not just one God, but ALL of them . . .
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Supposedly, God would exist outside of time.

This helps to explain His Omniscience for some Christians . . .

When I USED TO pray, I would picture God, bathed in white light sitting in his throne leaning over to look and listen directly to me . . .

Prayer made less sense to me the more I pondered Omniscience, Righteousness, and Perfection . . . Finally it was clear, that whatever this talking was, couldn't be used to implore a course of action or request . . But it would be solely for the believer and the believer alone to think that their creator was listening  . . . It is pretty much like going over a list of things you might want to happen or would like to have. Either for yourself or on the behalf of others, and at the end you are basically stroking your own self righteous ego subconsciously saying "What a good person I am thinking of others. What a good person I am devoting time into talking to the ONLY good and true God." . . . It is fitting that it is only you  that is listening, that it is only you who is asking a question and answering the way you think a God would answer that is either in total agreement with you or silent . . .

I'm happy to have shed this burden . . .

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PN -
So - "Just incase you mention isis, we created them, they were a group one of many that we arm and pay to fight and take ownership of the oil fields in the middle east. " - yet they still use Q'uran texts to justify their actions . . . so IN PART we created them by giving them the tools for destruction.

And we are without "God given rights" because there is no such thing . . . even if there was a God.

Thomas -
"Unless there is in fact a supernatural component to our existence. In that case, you ignore even the possibility that you are ignoring completely one component of the reality that exists and effects you in ways you therefore cannot know, much less understand." - I can agree with that in as much as I can agree that should encompass ALL myth beliefs and not just the one God you may be comfortable with.

"If that works for you---fine; but you can never convince those of us who live in a more vibrant and more interesting world." - Lets just agree that YOU FEEL you live in a more vibrant and interesting world . . . just as I do as well.
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There are two laws common law and admiralty, there are two forms of person natural born and legal entity (legal fiction). As I have said with regards to law if you give up your God given rights you then hand yourself over to your countryman and are then given rights they can give and take away. Read black laws dictionary.

With regard to isis I don't think all is what seems.
Perry Nuttal
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I think this may be on record for the longest thread :D
Good night
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Q "Where in time is God? When you prayer where do you picture God being?"

1. If God exists and if He's the creator of the universe then He created [or caused the appearance of] time and space. If He created time then He is outside time and if He created space then He's outside space, outside our universe.

2. When Muslims pray anywhere in the world they face the ka'aba in Mecca, now part of Saudi Arabia [the word cube is probably derived  from the word ka'aba which is the black box like structure in Mecca. They do so not because God is there, He isn't, as explained above. Their facing the ka'aba wherever they are is in compliance with a clear indication in the HQ to do so, is symbolic of one God and is  in commemoration of Abraham who is said to have built it.

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1. I like your "I see us as one big brain" and no need to wonder "if other neurons would fire off different ideas" you're right, they do, just look at the different answers people post to any given question here.

2. Also,the thumbs up given to answers, tell us which thinking is popular and which ones not understood or purposely shunned.

3. You obviously have a lot of time, energy and a great unexplained motivating force which are taking you down the avenues you have described here. I'm afraid I haven't yet come across any compelling question whose answer would require me to go down those or similar avenues.

4. I have read what you've posted and watched the video you gave a link to and another related video which seemed to suggest that some influential human brains willingly or otherwise are taking the whole of humanity to certain prophesied end. Intriguing, some might say fascinating but I didn't get hooked.

5. Why the almost perpetual movement of Muslims around the Ka'aba? It doesn't say. We know Muslims run between two hills in memory of Abraham's wife Hagar eager to see if there was any distant sign of an approaching caravan with water for her parched child. The circular movements could be a reflection of the perpetual movements in the heavens, the moon around the earth, the earth around the sun and the sun around the centre of the Milky Way.
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I think it definitely has something to do with that. I didn't subscribe to the plan in the videos posted but unfortunately the cubes are only ever shown on conspiracy websites, but no doubt the men in the oval office have a plan :)
Thank you for your time Just Ice and the way you responded.
Just Ice
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you're welcome PN
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Time is god, the moment spent praying with eyes closed imagines god the way they want the god to be. That is how it takes all forms?

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Perry Nuttal
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We certinly spend a lot of ours lives dictated by time, our minds forever in thd past or future.
carlos Striker
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An active mind indeed always into either future or past. But time should serve us not dictate our lives, it is not the term I would be happy about?
Perry Nuttal
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How does time serve us, we cannot control it? Also time is relative to the observer, so does time exist when the observer forgets about it and lives in the moment, when a person is so engrossed in something or having fun? What happens to the ego when it forgets itself who is observing when you forget yourself?
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The bible tells us at Isaiah 40:22: "There is one who dwells above the circle of the earth". ........... So God is in the heavens.

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AnnNettie Paradise
@Perry: Consider the audience Jesus was addressing when he spoke the words found at Luke 17:21. The preceding verse reads: “On being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, he answered them.” (Luke 17:20) The Pharisees were Jesus’ enemies. Jesus stated that those hypocrites were not going to enter God’s Kingdom. (Matthew 23:13) Now if the Pharisees were not to enter God’s Kingdom, could the Kingdom be in their hearts? Impossible!
Clearly, there is no Scriptural support for the notion that the Kingdom of God is in the hearts of humans. Rather, it is an actual government, one that will effect dramatic changes on the earth, just as the prophets foretold. (Isaiah 9:6, 7; Daniel 2:44)
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@AnnNettie 😩
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The Kingdom of God is within you. You speak of being filled with the Holy spirit and Jesus said God dwells in temple not made by human hands, and you are the body of the church. Jesus said he is in me, I am in him, and I am in you. Gospel of John.

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