Do you believe in God?


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I believe in spirituality and being a good person. I beleive in Angels but I do not beleive in god and the Bible. There has been some history programmes that claim that the bible is completely made up.  And I hate the self-righteousness and prejudice that Christians have. 

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Dear or dear. How is it that so many of these religious questions are from the hand of somebody called Anonymous? Is there lack of courage involved in declaring their faith?

But, to the question.

I BELIEVE IN GOD. I declare my undying love for the mighty FSM who has blessed us with his munificence. Every Friday -- the Pastafarian Sabbath -- I worship in the trattoria of my choice, pour a libation to the god and partake of his holy pasta.


The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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There are many religions, so believing in god is one of them, and i find out, in our life, it's better there's a believe, but it depends on us, there are people who believe nothing as well.

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I and We should believe in God. Where would we be now if there is no God? Many religions don't believe in God.  Why shouldn't me or other Roman Catholics not believe in God? I have my faith in God that strengthen me to believe to him more. God is Holy

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Taylor Brookes
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"Many religions don't believe in God" um... i thought that the point of religion was a belief in god/gods? Otherwise, isnt that just atheism?
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Yes, but I'm not obsessed with God.

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I do but I also question it A LOT. Like EVERYDAY. For some reason I mostly start thinking about it during history class. I can't wrap my little mortal head around the idea of someone so powerful or the idea of heaven and hell.

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No, I do not, and see no reason to. There is no evidence to prove there is a God, so therefore, I chose the default stand of "there is no God".

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Yes I do believe in God and the Bible.

I am a Christian and believe in the trilogy as well.

I do believe God sent his only begotten son to be crutificed so that all that believe in him with have eternal life.

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Ray Dart
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I've always been a bit hazy on that one - can you explain how Christ dying on the cross achieved that?
Rooster Cogburn
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I would like to hear that myself.
Taylor Brookes
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I've asked Christians that before and I've never recieved a straight answer... or any answer, actually.
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Yes I Do believe in God because I have faith in my Saviour Jesus Christ because He is the only one who has paid the price for my sin. If you want to grow your faith with app you can download this Frother

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