I have schizophenia but I never found in the Internet that if someone curses at me or makes me feel bad by saying something to me I feel a lot of doubt and I alwas think about it for awhile it that part of schizophrenia?


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No, having feelings it's not part of schizophrenia it is normal,and you need to report anyone that is rude or swears at you.

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Dumb Goat answered

Not necessarily. Many people without schizophrenia also do this, though you can't say that schizophrenia won't affect it. If this tendency causes you trouble, I recommend talking to a therapist or councilor about it.

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Perry Nuttal answered

I don't know maybe that's something you could speak about to your doctor or other sufferers. Unfortunately, there are many people that get their kicks out of being nasty online, the anonymity serves as a mask to allow a extremely horrid side to them to come out. In that instance you have to ignore them, and not let what they say affect you, don't hand the power over to them to make you feel bad. Who are they anyway? Certainly not pleasant in fact quite ugly inside.

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