Where Shamanism Is Practiced The Most?


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Shamanism is the name of an ancient spiritual and medical tradition. It is practiced in the native cultures around the world. It is considered as the oldest and most wide spread form of Energy medicine on earth. It is a system or method of healing. This tradition revolves around the shaman who is a specific type of magico-religious practitioner. Shamanism believes in the supernatural and the shaman communicates with the spirit world for healing, guidance and wisdom.

A shaman connects to this spirit world through prayer and ceremonies and also employs the help of the spirit animals or totems to achieve his purpose and enter altered states of consciousness which leaves the body in a state of trance. Shamanism has existed since the time of civilization and there are many shamanistic tribes in the world even today. They are found in many parts of the world but mostly in Asia and Siberia. Siberia and Asian countries like Korea, Tibet, china and still practice shamanism.
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To add to Pryra statement the shamanism is also practiced in the jungles of South America. They are an amazing group of people. L seen one but he was so busy, working with people, in Florida, that l never got to talk to him.

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