What Religions Are Practiced In Madagascar?


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Given here is the percentage break-up of the people following various religions in Madagascar:
Indigenous belief-52%
Christianity - 41%
Islam - 7%

The indigenous belief that is practiced by almost half of the population in the country emphasizes on the relationship between the living and the dead. Their belief is that the dead join their ancestors and the ancestors take care of the fate of the living descendents. The dead sometimes also called as 'God on Earth'.

The Christian population of the country is divided almost equally between Catholics and Protestants. Most of the populations who have taken into Christianity are yet to overcome their traditional belief and they practice a dual religion; they bless their dead at church before going for traditional burial rites. While Roman Catholic Church allows these practices for their members but Protestants find it difficult to fathom and call it a superstition.

Some littoral regions in the provinces of Mahajanga and Antsiranana have significant Muslim population. Muslims are also sub-divided into Malagasy ethnicity, Indo-Pakistani and Comorian.

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