Where Is Buddhism Practiced In The World?


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China, japan, korea, india, and southeastasia
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Buddhism which also referred as Buddha Dharma which means "the teachings of the awakened one" is more like a way of life, non-theistic religion. It is practiced on a large scale in the Indian-subcontinent and has a lot of people following Buddhism in Asia.

Buddhism concentrates a lot on the teachings of Lord Gautam Buddha; who's birth place was Kapilavastu, Nepal. Over a period of five centuries Buddhism spread towards the Central, Southeast and East Asia after originating from the Indian Subcontinent.

Buddhism is separated into three ethnicities; they are Theravada, Mehayana and Varayana. Till date Buddhism continues to attract followers and is said to be the fourth largest organized religion after Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and some customary Chinese religion. It is said Buddha the one who found the true nature of reality through meditation, visiting and investigating various religious practices etc.
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"Theravada, Mehayana and Varayana"
It has to be corrected as...
Theravada, Mehayana and Vajrayana.

Actually Vajrayana much like a sub denomination under Mahayana.

"visiting and investigating various religious practices"

It is true that the Siddhartha Gauthama went to many teachers and learnt many paths. But finally he dropped all the other paths and found his own "Middle Path"; That was unique among the other religions of that time.
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Buddhism is popular is Asian countries like China and Japan. A lot of Buddhism is practised around the Himalayas and around the border of India and China.
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