Who Was The First Man On Earth?


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Many people would like to argue that Adam was the first Man on Earth, but that is arguable, even among those in the Judeo-Christian belief systems.

Part of this argument is scientific. Anthropologists, for instance, might tell you that human beings began to evolve from apes around 4 million years ago, with the first homo sapiens neanderthalis said to have evolved from homo erectus around 500,000 years ago. Of course, these are estimates that changes periodically. On the other hand, geneticists might also argue that the "genetic Adam” lived either sixty thousand years ago or as far back as 150,000 years ago, which is the era they have traced to the "genetic Eve.”

Catholics, on the other hand, might argue that Adam lived approximately 6,000 years ago. At least, that’s what the religious scholar Bishop James Ussher discussed when he published a calculated date of Creation to be October 22, 4004 BC. At the same time, other spirituality experts might suggest that Adam and Eve lived several thousand years before that.

One problem posed by the Judeo-Christian argument about Adam being the first human, though, is that other creatures are described in the Book of Genesis. In the Bible, discusses that God made Man on the 6th day and placed him in the Garden. Some experts argue that this means there were other humans outside the Garden; which is something that is actually discussed in the Bible, particularly in regards to Cain’s banishment. During this passage (which is only the fourth chapter of Genesis) the speaker talks about how "any finding him should kill him,” which suggests that there were other humans besides the "first family.”
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According to the Bible, Adam was the first man on Earth and he is known as the father of humanity. Studies show that it is possible that Adam lived about 14,000 to 15,000 years ago, but no one knows for sure. In the book of Genesis, God speaks of creating Adam on the 6th day. He was created in God's image and had control over all of the plants and animals in the world. God gives Adam a female partner named Eve. The two do ok together until the eat fruit from the forbidden tree. God gets angry that they have disobeyed him and ate from this forbidden tree, so he expels them from the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had three sons named Cain, Able, and Seth. Therefore, it is not really known who exactly was the first man on Earth, but according to the Bible, it was Adam.
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@Danthehero - Even as you say, they will all be brothers and sisters.. Children of one couple, adam and eve.. So its okay by the bible to have kids with your brothers and sisters?
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Trouble is folks, the comic book "the bible" was written by man. Simple huh!
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Ma n was made in gods image but when we say image
do we mean the shape of body hands feets and all
that ,s what makes a man of is it when god say let us
make man in our iimage who was he talking to i tell you
jesus gods prefect image himself.surounded by his holyspirt
in who,me made man but man was separate from his image that why we
qusten gods word adam was the first man for god breated life in him
that what makes him a man he did not this for monkey of dogs to put it bluntly .
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My faith says it's Adam. On the 6th day he was made. 6 days of creation in the bible does not literally means 6 days. We do not say it's false but science & faith can go together. Yes God can create all things even in one click but he let it be done the natural way as in from single organism to a complex living things. 6 days may be thousand years in reality though I personally believe that God can make everything even in a single second. If you can see the sequence of divine creation it is same as in evolution of all living creatures. 6 days was written just to establish our faith in God.
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It is very interesting to read so many opinions about such a simple question.  Most I think would agree that the Bible is one if not the most influential books ever written, so many people have doubts in what it says.  Yet there are so many other books that we will never question such as math books, grammer, or even books on how to speak a different language.  Yet the Bible can fulfill our lives for our own benefit and that of others.  I spoke with a man who did not even believe any of the events in the Bible, but he said he read it and realized that if everyone would use the Bible like a self help book the our world would be a lot better.  So the question of who the first man was for Bible readers would be simple, Adam.  Do we question the fact that 1+1=2?  Do we argue the structure of a sentence when applying it to our language?  Or do we challenge how we say thank you when learning a language that is not our own?  No, because we taught this things to be true and we see them as fact, but yet such a simple question about who the first man is can rattle the minds and hearts of so many.  We live in a world that is infested with confusion so we have to have faith in things we know to be true.

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Adam was the first man and eve the first lady.  They had kids ... Daughters and sons... Adam and eve were mad out of universe... When their kids grew up, they wished for marriage. God made their spouses from the universe the way he had made adam and eve
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According to al religious holy books except hindu (its possible hindu books name ADAM as Manu) religion ADAM (peace be upon him) was the first man on earth. But not the first man in the universes. The first man in all the universes was Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) in form of a star.
Proof: Prophet Mohammad asked Gabriel "how old are you" he replied I was born when no one except a bright star and God was here. And I came to know that this star was born billions of years before my creation. Now this star is gone some where. Mohammad (pbuh) replied that star was him ( later transformed into human as Mohammad (pbuh).
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Okay. Primary of all, Adam and Eve weren't, they lived approximately
6,000 BC, as soon as the Ice Age finished. The Bible gives the coordinates of Eden, which is regarding wherever four rivers smash together. That would the Tigris, Euphrates, and two additional rivers that were until that time unfamiliar. After judgment these two withered rivers, we be acquainted with wherever they all get together. Then that river goes down where the Persian Gulf is at this time and empties a small farther than south. So we know how to securely speak that Eden was wherever the Persian Gulf is nowadays.

The river with the aim of flooded to be here busy as a result of the end of the Ice Age, which melted all of the ice. This is once they were "kicked" out of Eden by God. They weren't kicked out, they runaway or as well they would go down. Anyhow, 6,000 BC was as soon as humans stopped up hunter-gathering and established downward in one situate to farm.

That's what Genesis represents, the revolution of hunter-gatherers into farmers. Adam and Eve weren't genuine. By the way, I am a firm supporter of the massive but a little belonging in the bible are totally artificial. The primary human being might contain a monkey.
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There is no way to know. If it was an evolutionary process taking millions of years, then the truest answer is that there was no 'first' human, just an endless procession of increasingly modern looking hominids.

If the Bible were true, then the wrong answer is not Ada either, as he is from the second human creation. If you don't know what I mean, go re-read Genesis Chapter one. First he created man, then he created adam from dust.

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This is a religious question and cannot be easily anwered without religious influence. A christian, muslim, would say Adam, as previously stated above. A buddhist posted with his answer of MANU...

I would say, if you're looking for a straight up answer, (this coming from an atheist who believes in science over religious debates which I think is die4m3's opinion, too, just stated in a... Different manner), then you'll have to find out what your religious stand point is, and yes, atheism is a religion.

From this question, all you'll find are opinions that cannot be proven because it's a religious debate, which, I do not get involved in.
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WELL X DREAM you are SO IN TROUBLE cause THERE IS A God and he is in heaven building a place for the people that have let him come into there heart!!!! he died on the cross cause he loved U ME and every single person on the earth!!!
and God will come to earth and take the people who trust in Him but the people who don't will go th hell for eternity! And that time is close so please go to your local church and just try to listing please cause if you don't your gona regret it when God comes to get the people who trust him and take them to heaven!! if you don't repent for your sins when you die you are going to spend eternity in hell!!!!!!!
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As I Christian I of course agree with the statements in the earlier comment (Godisrael's), but I don't think it does any good to tell an atheist these things. All that does is confirm their opinion that we believe what we believe for no good reason and there is no proof. That's what xdream said: They are opinions that cannot be proven. Godisrael didn't address that contention at all.

Well I disagree. I was basically an atheist for the first two or three decades of my life. So my beliefs are not from my childhood rearing. My father was an atheist and I couldn't get a radar fix on what my mother believed. I changed my beliefs because of the overwhelming evidence. If anyone is interested in seeing this evidence, I would recommend for starters reading "Evidence That Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell. I recommend it because it thoroughly covers all the main types of evidence, and because of its extensive bibliographies for anyone who wants to do more in depth research.
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True, but it cant be disproved either. It's a myth which is why science cant touch it (as of yet). Its a question that has no right or wrong answer. Not meaning to be nit picky. I am an open minded Catholic and I am influenced through my religious stand point with basis of science ( I feel you cant have one without the other to answer some questions). It's just everyone always says "It cant be proven" which for some will make it sound as if its fake or void. When its not, just fuzzy.

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