Have You Had An Out Of Body Experience That You Remember And Can Account For?


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Not yet, but we all will be out of our bodies one day soon and the great thing will be we his chosen will have a new and perfect body no more sore muscles or aching bones or joints.what a great day that will be to be able to eat anything and everything without getting fat. I can just see myself with not a 6 pack but a 8 pack flat stomach and chisled jaw and full head of hair like i had at 33.hahahahahahahaha. There was a story on tbn about a hospital doctor that worked with people that mostly die while on the table having a serious operation(90 % of the time). She was not saved at the time but she had patients that came back from a near death experience and would describe things that were happening in the operation room and in other rooms where their family and friends were waiting to see what was happening with them in the operation room.all this said the doctor became very interested in this and had a sign erected on top the hospital where she could change the signs during each operation. Soon she had collected several stories from patients that had came back. In order to prove this she would have them tell her what the sign on the roof would say when they had their experience. Everytime she would ask they would tell her exactly what the sign said to the letter. Now in order to make sure they could not be lying she would change the sign just prior to the operation that day.now this lady(doctor) that was not saved became saved and still to this day has stories of patients seeing heaven ,their loved ones waiting to see that is happening while the operation is going on.things they could not possibly know without leaving the operating room.if this is what it takes for someone to believe that after death we go to heaven or hell then i am all for it.i would rather them see what is going to happen than not have a chance to make the choice of believing in God/Jesus. The best true story i had ever heard was about a preacher that was in a death accident(not near death but dead) the police and everyone their checked him out and found he was dead(no doubt he had died for over 3 minutes) while this was going on he was seeing everything including heaven .he was sent back even though he wanted to stay in heaven. The story behind this is he now tells everyone he meets about what heaven is like and what will happen if you do not choose Jesus/God/heaven. It reminds me of the story of the rich man begging God/abraham/the beggar to send someone to warn his brothers to do everything they can not to end up where he was in torment for eternity while looking at heaven across the great divide the great casm that seperates heaven from hell.i forgot to mention the guy that died in the accident was covered up ready to be transported by the coroners wagon when the what do they call them a helper to the pastor that is not a preacher(i can't think of their name  right now)anyway he asked if he could say a prayer over the man that was dead and covered. As the man began to pray the man that was dead could hear him praying adn at this instant was when God said you have to go back,at the instant the man was praying the other guy (the dead man)began praying with the other man.at this time the man had been dead for over 5-7 minutes. Now the man that was dead(now that they realized he was back alive again) was taken to the local hospital and check out in less than 24 hours later he walked out of the hospital with just a few bruises and scratches.
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You think it's incredible just think about the guy that lived through it. He woke up(came back) with a sheet over top him and another man praying for him.the best one i have heard of was a israeli military group(what's that word for not a batallion but a smaller group).anyway they were trying to cross a open field during the war and found themselves in a dust storm in the middle of a mine field .they could not go back the same way they came from because the ememy was behind them . Cont-
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When they found no way out they thought they were dead in their tracks but as the storm progressed it blew away all the sand from over top of the mines so they could walk across the field with out stepping on one mine. After they crossed the field the storm/winds recovered the mine field with sand as though they were never there. So the enemy could not follow.
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Wow, this is one heck of an answer. I love it. Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate it.
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Interesting question! No I have not, but there were plenty of times I wish i did!  Tell us about your experience.
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My friend Tina, her son and I will talk and play in our sleep, really funny because he told her what I look like, and what my name is, though he never saw me, or knew my name.
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YES...I had before three times, I fell somewhere then I a light and pull my up then I woke up beside the thing that fell on me. Other one is about water and then the late I fell again, I was walking on top of a wall and fell on a small medal pole (I was alone and it was night) landed on cheek  well that was what they told me and I remember it really I think when I fell I blackout and I think I seen myself fall....and my face is fine nothing wrong with it.... Well there mine sorry for the bad writing.
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Nice Question! I've never fully been out of my body, I saw myself in bed and fell back down to my body... Best I can put it is it was a lot faster than a "falling dream" and the sensation was way more significant than random dreams.... Usually I just dream about living in a maze of a house and a bunch of weird people are trying to use me..... Maybe I'm a hollywood celebrity LOL
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No such experience[s]. Active and realistic dreams/daydreams.. But not truly beside myself or out of body. Interesting idea for contemplation though.
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LOL!  The doc prescribed some Tramadal for me one time and after taking only one at bedtime, within an hour I was dreaming that I was watching myself sleep and was trying to wake myself up but couldn't!  HORRIBLE!  I threw away the whole bottle the next morning!
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I had an experience during my first childbirth. It was a difficult birth and i was put under. As i was going under i felt like my body was rolling into a ball and catapulted out into the universe. Like a billion stars twinkling in the blackness of space. My son is 33 years old now and i remember those stars like yesterday.

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