Are Muslims Allowed To Play Holi ?


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Well, i have seen a couple of times that some Muslim people were having fun in Holi with hindus and helping each other and they have no problem at all. I won't write it here where this happened but it was interesting. Well, To celebrate any festival there shouldn't be any restriction, whoever wants to play holi is always welcomed !

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Its for only hindu people yes I remember that india islam may play holi , but in islam countries it doesnt possible ,
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Holi is a very Popular Hindu Festival which is celebrated by Hindus in remembrance of their God killing evil. Just like there are no orders in Hindusism allowing Hindus to celebrate Eid-Milad(which is celebrated as birthday of Muslim's Holy Prophet), Similarly in Islam and Christianity there are no orders allowing Muslims and Christians to Play Holi because Holi is related to Hindus GOD.
However, Early Muslims who conquered India did played Holi for sake of Fun only.

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