Are Christians allowed to date/marry Muslims?


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The Muslim faith in concept is pretty much like the Christian one. You both believe in the exact same god, you just worship differently. As for the children, you should let them try both, and a decent amounts of other churches as well. You should give them the freedom to choose, and find their own path as God guides them. Hope that helps =)
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The law does not prohibit it. The problem arises between the families. One being Christian and the other being Muslim. A friend of mine did it. He is Muslim and his wife is Catholic. Both families were against it. Her family came around first. His took a while. Now the families argue on if the kids, two girls, will be brought up Catholic or Muslim.
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Yes they can.

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They can,becasue God gave you freewill to do what you want in life ,but God warns against it through paul teachings, basically do not marry someone who does not think as you do/is not like minded ,because you will be unequally will cause problems in every part of your life. You will live in a house will confuse the children you have together.raise together.
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They can.  Not sure this is wise though.  Different cultures.  Different religions.  Love goes but so far.  How important is their faith to each party will determine success or failure in some cases.  Thinking is very different then western thinking.

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