Are there any benefits for listening to the holy Koran?


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There are lots of benefits for listening to the noble Quran such as:
Modern technology has proved that listening to the noble Quran gives the soul quietness, serenity, peace and tranquility; it is like high standard sedative tablets without any side effects as with other chemical medicines. The researcher doctor Ahmed Al-Kady proved that in his book in Arabic and English "The effect of the Quran on human soul".

Listening to the Quran also lessens the gloomy soul and widens the luminous soul of the listener, and this affects his behavior and his deeds.
This hides the incentive and desire of evil, and strengthens the motives and desire to do good.
It also increases love, passion, cordiality, kindness and pity towards human beings, and weakens the incentives of evil, hatred, offense, harm and oppression towards human beings.

There is no doubt that all mankind needs all of this badly.

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