What Is The Difference Between Government And Religion?


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The Government control the secular or the civil aspect of the human family, true religion controls the Spirituality of the nations and hence also should be the profile of the Government.
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The two are very connected! Isa.9:6,7 Jesus is our surpreme government! That all government shall be on His shoulders. It means the authority to rule all things in heaven and earth and the right to br sovereign of all the earth! He is over all earthly governments, and He established church government as He is head of the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit.1Cor.12:27-30.. We are also called to respect all earthly governments, good and evil and not to speak against them! 2 Pet.2:10,11.. Titus.3:1-7..1 Pet.2:13-17..All earthly government is ordaind of God His power and authority is over them! For us to resist and rebel against them is to resist God Himself!Rom.13:1-7..Tho there be many earthly governments that are evil, it is because men have missused this God given power and have not sought God and His wisdom to help them rule! God will judge in His own time, we must pray that Gods will be done in the earth Luke.11:2..Genaveve
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The government controls the state and religion controls the government!

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