What Is The Difference Between Indic And Semitic Religions?


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Indic religions are those that originated in India and include Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

Semitic religions are those that originated in the Middle East. Shem, according to the Bible was the son of Prophet Noah and his descendents are known as Semities. All three Semitic religions have monotheism (belief in one God) as their central pillar of faith. Also, they have a very definite idea of Heaven and Hell.

The Hindu religion or dharma was never canonised and it does not believe in one singular cannon. The Indic religions also believe in reincarnation and the possibility of enlightenment (Moksha or nirvana) in this life.

The idea of burning dissidents, inquisitions and anything comparable to religious wars common to Semitic religions was unknown in ancient India.

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