What Are The Differences Between Hinduism And Islam Religions?


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These are the 4 main differences:
- Muslims believe in ONE God, but Hindus worship many gods and goddesses.
- In Islam, all humans are created equal but Hinduism has a caste system, with four major castes.
- Hindus believe that your body and soul comes back after your death and you re-live, Muslims believe in the day of judgment only.
- Muslims eat all wholesome food including meat of Cow, goat, and chicken while cow is a sacred animal and a deity for Hindus
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The main difference is Hinduism is polytheistic and Islam is monotheistic. There are a lot of other differences, but this is what you would say seperates them not speaking politically.
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Contrary to popular misconception, Hindus believe in one "God", a.k.a. Paramatma (param = primary; atma = soul); but that this "God" can manifest in different forms (Avatars) and can be given different names.

Also, the primitive Arab tribes took "symbolism" for "idolatry"; but the Gita Chapter 16 verse 1 to 3 states that forgiveness is a quality of a divine nature so Hindu's should realise that whilst Hindus were blessed by God with great riches and resource, Arabs were not and, being understanding of that, should forgive the tribal Arabs.

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Well they both share different views of religion like muslims worship allah,they are to pray five times a day,they worship in a mosqueand the holy book is called the qur'an and hindu worship many gods and they worship in an mandir.
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The difference between the religion Islam and Hinduism is that Hinduism believe that there are more than one god and Muslims believe that there is one God. In Islam if people were to make Partners with Allah (SWT) it would be called shirk which is the greatest sin to a Muslim and it is forbbiden for them to do this act. Whereas the Hindu religion believe to worship Statues or as people may recall it idols and this is also prohibited for every Muslim becasue Allah is not a statue. Allah has the power of creating this world and you think that an Idol can do all this too? Well to say the truth I think the religion Hinduism is to the extreme but I will not go further in what I think about the religon as it is not any of my business to what people believe in. "As qouted in the Quran to be your way to me be mine"
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Hinduism and Islam are two different religions. But the matter does not end here because the difference between Hinduism and Islam is not similar to that between any other two religions in the West. As a matter of fact, Hinduism is a social system rather than a religious institution. It binds individuals and groups to Hindu society which is established on caste system. It is so pervasive that it absorbs new groups irrespective of their different religious beliefs and ways of life.

According to Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi "This quality of Hinduism filled the Muslims with the greatest apprehensions. They wanted to maintain their entity and were averse to any dilution of their creed." There is another quality of caste system quite contradictory to the one explained above. It is that Hinduism forbids intermarriage, interlining and sometimes even touching the persons belonging to other castes. The attitude of Hindus towards foreigners was also the same. Their touch or even a shadow would pollute the things.

Thus Hinduism, on one hand bringing the individuals and groups to Hindu Society and then interdicting them of free; social contacts, plays a dual role. Islam is in many ways antithetical to Hinduism. No one can be called a Muslim if he does not believe in one God and His laws revealed by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Islam also governs the society by its own system of law. But, unlike Hinduism, Islam believes in the brotherhood and equality of all believers.
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1. Muslim believes in one god Allah. Hindus believes more than one god. They believes in unity in diversity.
2. The place of worship of Muslim is Mosque. The place of worship of Hindus is Temple.
3. Most of the Muslims are non vegetarian. Most of the Hindus are vegetarians.
4. Muslim (Islam) originated in the middle east then spread all over the world.  Hinduism originated in India then spread mostly to South Asian nations.
5. Islam allows to marry more than one woman at a time if he is financially sound to preserve all of them and can divorce them without much difficulty. Hindu religion allows to marry a single woman till divorce. It is very difficult to get divorce for Hindus. We can see some exceptions during ancient times in the case of some privilaged group like ancient Hindu kings.
6. Male domination is more prominent in Islam.  In Hinduism it is comparatively low.
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  • Hindus are more tolerant and peaceful to others for instance in
    practice and beliefs whereas muslims hate all non muslims and
    institutionalize their hatred by creating islamic states which are
    discriminatory to all non-muslims.

  • Hindus believe in one supreme reality/conscience/God that is
    within everything and above everything and that is formless as well as
    conceivable through avatars whereas muslims believe in muhammad first
    and God second and that God sent Muhammad to remind humanity of "him"
    which is unconvincing since God is supposed to be all powerful and
    greater than "his" prophets.
  • Hindus can worship the formless
    aspect of God as well as through idols in order to concentrate on one
    supreme reality whereas muslims worship by turning in the direction an
    idol that is out of their vision towards mecca which is useless since
    the idea is to visualize an aspect of G-d since the mind is difficult to
    contain. The black stone that muslims worship when they turn to mecca
    is called the kabba in arabic but it known to all that the worship of
    black stone is the symbol of shivlinga (Lord Shiva) in Hinduism.
    Unfortunately muslims believe more in muhammad than in God.
  • Hindus
    eat non-halal food as the animals killed according to islamic rites
    still has blood in them as it is impossible to drain all the blood out
    of a dead animal. Furthermore the animals suffer terribly at the hand of
    muslims butchers who torture them in a slow death in order to
    supposedly drain all the blood out of them. Such Halal food are not good
    to eat and absolutely wrong on an ethical ground since the animals have
    been made to suffer and eating halal means absorbing the negative
    energies of a tortured animals.
  • Hindus do not believe that one
    enjoys virgins in heaven if one kills a non-believer as muhammad
    professes to his followers. If you are dead and have left your physical
    body how can you enjoy sexual activities at all not to mention the
    lewdness of the whole idea according to muhammad.
  • HIndus fast in
    order to purify their body, mind and soul by eating solely vegetarian
    food in remembrance of God whereas muslims falsely fast from six in the
    morning to six in the evening after which they are allowed to stuff
    their faces with meat toxicity and harmfulness. It is known that meat
    eating thickens the blood and incites aggressiveness and does nothing to
    elevate oneself spiritually since it poisons the mind.
  • Hindus are God loving whereas muslims are God fearing.
  • Hindus
    use peaceful means of protest to claim justice whereas muslims use
    terrorism, assassination, threats to kill innocents to justify their
    claim for justice.
  • Hindus do not believe that a prophet can
    marry a six year old girl in his late fifties an would not believe a
    single word coming out of the mouth of a pedophile whereas muslims find
    this perfectly acceptable and normal.

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