What Happened To The Other Nine Lepers In Scripture?


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In the ancient days leprosy was considered as a very dreaded disease. It was believed that this disease was contracted only by the sinners as a punishment for their sins. They were ostracized by the society and were made to live in the outskirts of the city away from the rest of the civilization. The scriptures have a story where ten lepers approach Jesus, fall at his feet and request him to cure their disease. Jesus then tells them to go to a priest and get themselves examined.

It is said that a miraculous event occurred while they were on their way to meet the priest. Their skin became clean and they were rid of the disease. But only one of them returned to Jesus and expressed his gratitude. Jesus then blessed him for his faith and sense of gratitude. I believe that the other nine of them were also cured of this disease and went on to lead normal lives with their kith and kin because god is not vindictive and unforgiving to punish them just because they did not remember to express their gratitude.

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