What Prophecy Does Telresias Give Odysseus?


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Trojan Horse, and this prophecy is told by God
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You idiot! That has nothing to do with Tiresias and Odysseus encountering in the Underworld.
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The prophecy that Tiresias made to Odysseus is given in the Odyssey, and its fruition happens in the Telegony, one of the works that comprise the Epic Cycle in ancient Greek literature. The Telegony is positioned chronologically, therefore, after the Odyssey, and is considered the final episode in the Epic Cycle. It consists of two books in verse-form, and is written in dactylic hexameter. The two episodes within the Telegony are about Odysseus' voyage to Thesprotia and Telegonus' story.

The prophecy that Tiresias made to Odysseus in the Odyssey was that for him, death would come out of the sea. Telegonus is Odysseus's son, born from an affair Odysseus had with Circe. Circe gives Telegonus an extraordinary spear. The spear is tipped with the poison from a stingray, armed with which he searches for his father. He lands in Ithaca, where Odysseus is, and steals his cattle. Odysseus comes to defend is property and in the ensuing fight, Telegonus kills him with the spear given him by Circe, thereby fulfilling the prophecy Tiresias had made to Odysseus.

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