Who was the shortest man in the Bible? Job 25.1


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The little guy that climbed the tree to see Jesus preach and then when he didn't realize it that Jesus saw him up in the tree he said come down " Z          "because i am going to eat at your house tonight. Then when Jesus showed up he promised to give back any and all money he took from anyone unfairly.loosely paraphrased.the bible story -the extended version is way cooler  to read about. It would be very interesting to know his exact height in inches.
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You will have to explain for i only find that Jesus was made low/became the son of man.
Gene wright
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Job 25.1 "Beldad the >>>>>>>>"
Stewart Pinkerton
It does of course help if you understand that Gene doesn't know that the seond 'h' in Shuhite is silent. Gene's question, as with so much about his favourite Book, is meaningless and based on a misunderstanding of the original language.
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That would be one of those rich men who actually was able to pass through the eye of a needle! One of the great nonsenses about the 'infallible Word of God' is that parable, once you realise that the Aramaic word for camel is almost identical to that for rope. If God was guiding the hand of the King James translators, he did a darned poor job...
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The answer I gave you. It's in Job 25.1. "Beldad the ******". As for your ignorant comments, they are showing us your lack of knowledge, not your smartness
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Tom Thumb! Lol
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Why in the world do you ask questions you already know the answers to?  And especially on something so trivial as the shortest man in the Bible.
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Gene wright
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Not for you for sure, but for others to look up and learn. The shortest man Beidad the Shuhite (shoeheight). Get it? It's a joke. Get it?
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I get it, but it hurts me slightly.

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