Why Didn't Moses Make To The Promise Land?


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Moses did not make it to the earthly promise land because he struck the rock which represented Christ when he was told to speak to the rock.
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Num.20:2-12. God had places Moses in a very important position and intrusted him in it. Not speaking to the Rock as God commanded his disobediance was an act of sin and also unbelief vs.12.. It called attention to "we" Moses and Aaron as the source of supply not Jehovah! Vs.10..He faild to represent who God was to Israel! The act was truly unworthy of Gods great plan that was intrusted to Moses for the people!Moses did not show God as sacred and to be revered before the people!He was disobediant. Aaron was just as guilty in the same action of sin and unbelief! Both were cut off from entering the promise land! Vs.12,13..Genaveve
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Moses struck the rock when God commanded him to speak to the rock. Disobedience kept Moses out the promise land.
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Moses disobeyed God by striking the rock to extract water from it instead of just speaking to it.
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One must have faith to enter the promised land. As Moses had seen the hand of God at work, he therefore had proof of the existence of God. As he had proof, it was therefore impossible for him to have faith.

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