What Is Grace?


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Grace is a term in Christian theology. It refers to all the divine gifts and favour given to common people and mere mortals by the Almighty god. These gifts or favours are given to mankind irrespective of their actions, worth or goodness. Thus it is a concept related to salvation and the followers of Christianity believe that they get salvation through the grace of god. Thus grace is a word to describe the beneficence of the Lord.

Thus it is way to emancipation and is an advantage provided to men without any thought as to whether they deserve it or not. Grace is also a prayer that is offered to god during mealtimes for all the benefits and happiness given to us by god. Grace is not mercy or a license to sin but an example of the Lord's kindness for his children.
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Grace is God doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves...Make us righteous. It is the gift of God to us who believe on his Son, that is bestowed upon us from the father without our merit or earning, it is not a wage of our working for it. Simply a gift, a supernatural gift.
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“Make No Judgments, Make No Comparisons and Delete your Need to Understand!”
Simply accept the GRACE of LIFE.

What is Grace? There comes a time to stop analyzing and simply live with Grace. It's a spiritual quality. Accept the Grace of Life.
It means that everything is beautiful. Be grateful for every aspect of yourself.


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