Hey, I've been dating my girlfriend for over two years. We just recently moved in together. I'm a little concerned because she tells me she has been having dreams every night about an old crush who happens to be getting married. Should I worry?


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I wouldn't worry about anything I think the only reason she has been dreaming about him is because he's getting married so shes thinking of their old relationship. It really means nothing and shes not hiding anything as she told you so means you shouldn't worry  about her hiding anything or getting back with him you only dream about things you have thought about that's all hope everything goes well for you both x
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Yes you should be shes maybe lieing just to trick you trust me I can tell a trick you better find out who she has a crush on and say back off shes mine or something like that and I'm only ten and I know how to deal with this stuff jez no wonder why my parents say I grow up fast
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Maybe just a little but after all these are only dreams and how can a dream hurt us? Usually our dreams signal a problem in our lives and makes us think about the past so why she is thinking about a past BF is unknown unless you two are having relationship difficulties and shes having second thoughts about having moved in with you or it could be that somehow being married seems more attractive to her and thats what she really wants here with the stability factor and the atigma that comes with being married so you might want to think about here. The latter is what I suspect more of here
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Thanks. She tells me she loves me quite consistently and tells me I'm the man in her life. I know she wants to get married and we have talked about it some so I agree that it very well could be that marriage is what she wants. However, I get the feeling she is still obsessed with this other man ("I've never been so attracted to someone as him." "He's too perfect...he comes from a well off family, he's a doctor, he's dreamy.") despite all the nice things she says about me and our relationship.
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Yes u should be she maybe lieing just to trick u trust me i always know a trick try to find out who she has a crush on then u can talk to that boy and say like back off shes mine or something like that
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I believe dreams are little pieces of our lives and thoughts and strange things can happen in dreams. I wouldn´t worry especially as the ex is getting married! Also I believe if you truly had something to be concerned about, she would not have told you in the first place unless she wants you to feel jealous!!! Remember Girls are a funny species!!!!! :)
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Thanks for the reply. I do get the feeling that she does go out of her way to make me jealous sometimes. I am not overly concerned about any actions she will take, based on dreams, it more just bothers me that she has constant dreams about another man...especially since it is consistently the same person and someone I know she would have liked to be in a relationship with at one point in her life.
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Some people have a low self esteem, you mentioned that you think she tries to make you jealous, maybe she is a little insecure and is trying to get a reaction from you??. Women get frustrated when they don´t get the reaction they want!!! What do you say when she tells you about her dreams??
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When she tells me she's been having dreams about him again, I ask her things like "why do you think you keep having dreams about him?" "Do you like the dreams you are having about him?" "Do you have dreams about me?" I'm not one to get angry or mad about things one can't control (like dreams) so I just try and understand where she is coming from. I just wish she would be direct about what she wants in our relationship versus saying things to get a reaction such as "oh my god, he is so hot."
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I don't think you should worry its just a dream. Now if she starts talking about her ex a lot you should ask about it. Dreams are dreams nothing more.
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Well, obviously she trusts you enough and loves you enough to talk to you about it, so I wouldnt worry. If she actually still had feelings for him she probably wouldnt be telling you about it because she would feel guilty

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