What Is Tzu-way?


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Lao Tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher, who arguably lived in the 6th century BC. He was known for his wise counsel but he would never write down his views because he did not want the written word to turn into an official dogma. He believed in living life simple by practising truth and believing in worth of freedom. He is credited for showing to the world the concept of 'Tao,' which means 'the Way.'

Tzu-way or 'Tao' talks about 'how nature is.' The crux of Tzu-way is 'action with no action.' Tzu would urge his followers to comprehend the laws of nature, to exercise power with love, not violence and to develop intuition. If Tzu-way talks about 'non-violence', it does not imply being submissive and passive to injustice inflicted on or around you. He has advocated that action is important but it should not be accompanied with explicit intention to harm others. A victory through force, according to him, is a thing to mourn about and not celebrate. Tzu-way holds a lot of value in present times, when the world is becoming a haven for violence; where people do not think twice about assaulting, injuring or killing somebody.

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