What Are The Beliefs Of Taoism?


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Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion/philosophy.  It is the English translation of Daoism which is a phrase for both the religious and philosophical wings of Taoism.  These are Daojiao (religion) and Daojia (philosophy).      It is very hard to pinpoint the exact beliefs of Taoism, because the beliefs are more characteristics which are similar or shared and may have roots in other religions as well.      However, generally Taoists believe that Tao created the universe, that Tao is the energy that flows through life and is visible everywhere through nature.  They believe that we need to study nature in order to find enlightenment and that a person should strive to be at one with Tao.    In addition, they also believe that many gods are actually Tao, i.e. A god from another religion could be Tao.  There is also a fundamental belief that people are good, that all in life is cyclical and that meditation and exercise are important to nurture Tao.  They advise that people should think before they act and aspire to a state of detachment whereby nature is left to take its course.    The practical elements of Taoism advise that adherents should try to develop love and compassion, simplicity and moderation as well as patience and humility.    The philosophical aspect of Taoism is the thinking and reasoning behind the beliefs.   

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