Can Any One Teach Me Witchcraft?


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Books is one of your best sources for learning for several reasons.    1: No one is standing over your shoulder directing your learning... You are not pushed in any particular direction as to what you should learn.    2: The thoughts, processes and opinions described vary greatly from book to book allowing you to come up with what works best for you (i.e. Myself?  I tend to be excellent at designing spells, using tarot cards and when necessary summoning)    3: And this is an indirect benefit, of course, hanging in the occult section of your bookstores, or going to such shops that specialize in the occult gets you connected to others with similar beliefs and thoughts.      For the longest time, I had a group that would meet weekly to discuss ideas, theories, and ask questions... We were basically a very loose coven.  One could study whatever they wished for what ever purpose and then bounce ideas off the others of what they should do next.    I would suggest, however, that you tend to stay away from they invocations of djinns (genies) and other such entities.  Most beings that are able to grant wishes, ask for very high payment... Whether that is taken at the time of the wish or later down the road.  Summoning is not something to be fooled around with until you have some idea of how to protect yourself... Protection circles, the ability to banish, etc.  Sometimes, what you summon isn't what you want to invite, and you have to force it to go away.      I know this little spiel isn't of great help to you, but you can e-mail me directly and I am more than happy to offer some guidance if you want it.
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Hi I have been wanting to learn to witchcraft for a couple of years now and would liket o start as soon as possible especially to change my direction in life and need guidance or just help starting out I can do the rest afterwards. Please help.
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Yes can you also give me some guidence to learning witchcraft/sorcery
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For anyone that wants to learn witchcraft:
Do not ask me if I'm a witch, cause I'm not and do not claim to be. I would like to start, but it takes more work then you realize. This is the best site to understand the full meaning on witchcraft and how to start your path:

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