Who Is Harry Krishna?


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"Harry Krishna" is a common misspelling of Hare Krishna, based on the fact that the words Hare and Harry look and sound similar. (Harry Krishna is also a name that has been jokingly or half jokingly adopted by people interested in the Hare Krishna movement.)

Hare Krishna actually refers to a Hindu mantra (religious chant) derived from names or attributes of the Hindu god Vishnu. Its source is the ancient Hindu sacred text the Baghavad-Gita, but to most Westerners the words "hare Krishna" first became known when  a number of famous people (especially the Beatles in the 1960s) became interested in this branch of Hindu philosophy through the growth of the International Society For Krishna Consciousness.

If you click here you can find the Hare Krishna Society home page, which could tell you more about the beliefs and practices of its followers.

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