What Does A Ghost Look Like? Is It A White Blob Or Does It Look Like An Actual Person?


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Not all ghosts look the same. Actually, let me refrase that, “almost none.” Ghosts can look like regular people, but sometimes translucant, (or see threw) some like a black/dark figure, or even mists. Some peoples believe orbs are ghosts. ( Glowing, moving, balls of light.) But anyway, this may be a problem for some people because not everyone can see ghosts.
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Although I must admit that I have never personally seen a ghost, and I am not entirely certain that I believe in them, most people who claim to have seen ghosts will describe what they saw in a very similar manner. Many people describe ghosts as simply white, transparent silhouettes of what appear to be human forms. Images and photos that claim to record ghosts also tend to show mist-like figures. At times, people have claimed not to have seen anything at all, but to have felt a sudden chill in a room, an invisible hand touching their shoulder, or heard strange sounds. If you are interested in this, I do know that there is a "reality" TV show in Britain, which features a man and his sidekicks, who go from town to town in the UK searching for spirits.

My grandmother believed in ghosts and I remember that whenever someone died in the family, she always claimed that she would hear a knock on her window. At this time, my grandmother lived in a highrise apartment and according to my parents, she did hear these knocks before she actually got word of someone's passing.

We also have family friends who claim to have seen a ghost. These are not superstitious people, but when this couple visited an antique shop in a small town, they went up to the second floor to see some of the products for sale. All of a sudden, both of them looked over to an old bench in the corner and saw what appeared to be the silhouette of an elderly man sitting there quietly. Both of them noticed this at the same time and they promptly left the store.
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About two years ago on a summer night I was naping on the floor. I had just watched a scary movie witch hey may just be why this happend. I coulnt sleep at all I kept my eyes on the kitchen door way thats about 5 feet from me. Then when I looked up I saw somthing like a huge moth fly fast as a car going by your car window. To me it looked like it had a cat shaped head and a grayish body. It was tiny about the size of a half a loaf of bread.

Then this other time I was doing somthig I can't remember I'm my room. All of a sudden I coulnt help but stare at my window. Because out side was this tiny light blue orb like glow.
When I began to stare at it. The thing moved toward the left them became bigger. Thats when I was fritened and I ran in to the front room. So maybe there orbs or cat moths or somthing sounds the same as a lot of ghost sightings.
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It really depends. If it doesn't really want you to see it...then it'll probably just show a little bit of itself. If it really wants you to see it...it might show it's whole body....usually a white blob.
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I believe a ghost can be anything it wants to be. If it wants to scare you it could take the shape of a ghostly person. If it wants to be ordinary it could take the shape and color and appear to be as solid and alive as a person. Or if it doesn't want to show itself it doesn't have to. In stories ghosts most commonly take the form of misty white humans, white shapeless blobs, or orbs. They can haunt you in your dreams or while you are completely conscious. No one knows why they haunt us or what they want, but I definitely believe they are there.
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As Anonymous stated, ghosts can look a variety of different ways. From mists to people, and sometimes even animals. Orbs, or "blobs" are a form of loose spiritual energy. This can be claimed by either a spirit being, or a talented living being. Mind you, others may disagree. This is how I was raised, and how my talents grew and prospered.

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Well, what do you believe a ghost looks like? What do you think gives your present body life? Close your eyes and learn to relax your body from your toes to your head. Experience the life that is separate from your body. Know that you exist as Soul because God loves you. Soul is what you are. Not the body you have with the name it has but a spark of God, that makes you godlike. If interested in more buy the book
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Well at my school I had seen a ghost and it looked like my boyfriend and I had no idea what it was and I  think they can be both look at pics on you tube and there are white blobs and I have a ghost friend hes so cool.

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