What Does A Dream About A Big Yellow And White Snake Mean?


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Snake dreams are often interpreted as being symbolic of subconscious fear or worry. This makes the dreams much harder to make sense of, as we aren't usually aware of what anxiety the snake is representing.

The Significance Of Color

  • Yellow snakes are thought to represent your intellect and intuition. If the snake in your dream is at least part yellow, then perhaps you're worried that your judgement will let you down.
  • White snakes can symbolise anxiety relating to purity, perfection, innocence and dignity. Do you feel tainted or corrupted in some way, or are you afraid of becoming so?

So What Could A Dream About A Yellow And White Snake Mean?

If you combine the symbolism of the two colors with the meaning of the snake, you have fear and anxiety relating to perfectionism, purity and intuition. Perhaps you're afraid that poor judgement will lead to a tainting or corruption of something that you'd like to be perfect.

Of course, dream interpretation isn't a science, so don't worry too much. Yellow and white can both be hot colors; if you've been out in the sun all day and you happen to have a fear of snakes (or even just saw one on TV!) this could explain the dream, too.

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Snake are usually representatives of money. Perhaps you will come into some money.
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Although snakes are seen as evil, there is a certain mystical connection in dreams as dreams connect to the deeper conscious (sub-conscious). You must however, connect all that has happened in the dream, and not just remove the snake. Eg. What was it doing, where was it. What else was there. A snake could mean spiritual transition to the realm of knowing or seeing. It may also mean suspicion surrounding the dreamer.
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I hope that you can learn to use your own interpretation of a big yellow snake,  well we can start as easy as.... What does a snake signify for you? What is the first thing that pops in your head?  A memory?  Perhaps a smell?  A person? A feeling?  Or all of the above?  Next is interpretation of the color yellow?  Same as above. with the options a little, you may not know exactly what it is, or you might,ether way you will have the right answer when that meaning takes place in the following days of your life. Believe me or don't but you will see...
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Snakes in dream are a symbol of lust. Your dream means you are lusting after something.
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I once read that when you dream of snakes, It is a sign of passion.
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Yellow is a happy, cheerful color.  A snake may signify danger.  Perhaps what it means is that there is danger ahead but you will overcome it.  This is only a guess.
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I think your teacher wants to make out with you, otherwise why wud he talk abt sex with a student! Stay away from him!
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The only black and white snake I can think of is the Eastern King Snake. These snakes are actually very helpful. They eat poisonous snakes found in the USA such as copperheads, cottonmouths, coral snakes etc. So if you and your husband both dreamed of this, maybe they are a good omen :)
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I saw a black snake come out of a plastic shopping bag and my mom caught it and threw it on the bed where my dad was sleeping. My dad had his back to us and was unaware of what my mom had done. I was so furious with my mom we got into a huge argument.
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I saw a big yellow snake,with many average black snakes coiled around his body crawling in the wood along a train line in the middle of the city,then I ran to an armed police man to tell him  what I have just seen with the intention that he might help to shoot and kill the snake,but we lost the the sight of the snake.
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It may be a fear of snakes. Was the dream a nightmare? And are you afraid of snakes? It may also be because of a big task that you have to do that ether you don't want to do or it is a hard task. Another thing it may be is you have recently seen something to do with big snakes. Maybe that helps.
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I had a dream of a big yellow and white snake looking at me then I closed my eyes and opened them again and my snake that was yellow and white was sound asleep it means that someday you will have a experience that you never had before so watch out what you do
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A teacher of mine in high school told our class that if you dream about snakes, that you are thinking about sex. I don't know if it is true or not.
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I had a dream of a yellow snake outside my window I was in bed asleep and I woke up and I saw it. It was trying to get into my room threw the window

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