What Does A Dream About Having Gray or White Hair Mean?


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There are two popular interpretations of dreaming that your hair is going gray or white. The first is that you're afraid of ageing, and the second is that you're becoming wiser.

Gray Or White Hair As A Fear Of Ageing

This interpretation is fairly self-explanatory; as we get older, our hair loses its color pigments and turns white. If you dream of this happening - or have a nightmare, even - it could represent your fear of growing older. This doesn't mean that it's going to happen to you any time soon, but it can symbolise an aversion to ageing. This could even be a fear of the transition from adolescence to adulthood and the responsibilities that come with it - it doesn't necessarily show a fear of being very old!

Gray Or White Hair As A Symbol Of Wisdom

This explanation is perhaps more pleasant, and implies that you're maturing and becoming more knowledgeable in the ways of the world. Maybe you've realised something important recently, or have discovered something about yourself that you didn't know before. Either way, it can symbolise spiritual growth, which is definitely not a bad thing.

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You probably ment, "One's Self", right?  I agree with the other blutter, it's a fear of getting older...most likely.....but I'd have to have more details, like, what is going on in the dream...Your young, so that's probably whats going on.....Women fear losing their youthful, beauty...
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Wiser, it means you are getting wiser
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On "oneself" is that your privy's you speak of..LOL...cause if that is what you meant..thank goodness I'm not the only one....HAHA
When I had that dream I freaked out and my husband said it was natural for a woman to associate getting old with sex, Its just good old fashioned fear..I mean who really wants to get old..So if your ment gray hair on your head..I have really embarrassed myself haven't I?...LOL but I think the same would apply..just afraid of getting old
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I think this has to do with fear of aging.  Do you ever dream of losing teeth?  That is also a fear of getting older.

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