What Does A Dream About Getting Bitten By A Snake Mean?


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If you get bitten by a snake in your dream, it's supposed to represent your fears and anxieties getting the better of you.

There's no evidence that the content of your dreams actually means anything, but people who believe in dream interpretation tend to think that snakes are symbolic of deep fears and anxieties that might even be hidden. Naturally, this makes it pretty difficult to pinpoint the alleged meaning of the dream, as the fears that are represented in it are subconscious.
The best way to figure out what they might be is to analyze the circumstances of the snake's appearance. Think about what happened immediately before the snake appeared, and where the snake was. Who else was present in your dream? If you can remember any of that, it might shed some light onto what the snake is representing.

The fact that the snake bit you is supposed to show a fear of these anxieties actually causing you problems or realizing themselves. For example, if you had a subconscious fear of being abandoned, a dream about getting bitten by a snake when you're walking somewhere with your mother could represent your fear of her leaving you. Again, it's all speculative, so don't worry too much!
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Someone is talking about you and the words are poisonous and since you can not get it off, you allow the poisonous lies to affect you. God is warning you about lies you will soon be hearing and not to trust them or allow it to affect you. If it does..go to Him and he will help you release it.
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A snake in a dream can represent a few things, such as, psychic, spiritual and or physical energy, in forms of emotions, ambitions or healing. A snake can also be a good or a bad sign. You need to take note of other things in your dream, such as the surroundings, objects etcetera, also any emotions, was the setting and feeling tranquil, scary or otherwise. I believe dreams do have a meaning, it is for you the dreamer to work them out, after all it is your own personal dream. It is a good idea to keep a pen and paper by your bed, and write down everything you remember, as the memory of dreams can soon fade, writing it down will keep it fresh in your mind. There are books you can buy that will give you guidance in how to interpret your dreams, like I said its your own personal dream, and you need to work it out, but books will help you.
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Well trust me that is not a good dream that dreams means that an enemy is some where lurking and trying to get at your family some how. All I can say is pray and rebuke that dream in the name of Jesus.
When you dream about snakes, angry dogs it means enemy
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All snakes in a dream mean you have enemies...The part about it being white means that it is sick, and the fact that it bit you means someone you know who is sick was waiting to attack/harm you at your weakest position(when you're feeling down)..and I would not be answering this question unless I actually experienced something like that before..hope it helps.
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If we were looking at the dream from an psychoanalytic view the snake represents a penis. More than likely a fear of a huge penis. If we look at it from a gestalt view then you would be the snake that bit you. There is probably some form of awareness that your unconscious is attempting to make you aware of - as a snake bite is poisonous, and they are hidden and strike without warning.

My interpretation is that you are your worst enemy and sabotage relationships or other areas of your life without doing it purposefully. The dream is making you aware to take another route so you don't get bitten.


Please reply with your opinion of my interpretation as I have been doing dream work for a very long time.
It would be helpful to know how they were acting  in your dream.
In waking life, it is not uncommon to be afraid of snakes. For some people, this fear is disruptive and pathological, even to the point that a photo of a snake represents an oppressive threat. For these people, snake dreams are almost universally bad. If the dream includes someone who handles snakes, whoever tames the object of the fear is likely a source of wisdom and control in the dreamer's world, and may be a representation of some aspect of themselves or someone else they know.
.Among Asian and Native American cultures, the snake is a wisdom symbol. The idea of wisdom comes from the snake's ability to shed its skin and renew itself. If one dreams of snakes from this perspective, it is a dream of renewal, problem-solving, and good tidings in general.

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