How Did Judaism Influence Christianity?


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Ok. Jew believe in the coming of the messiah and all the dead people will come alive or something. Christians believe that jesus was the messiah and that he was the son of the jews' god. Also the first 5 books of the bible are the same as the jewish ones.

Hope that answers your question!
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Lets keep it simple, the old testament you can call Judaism because the messiah of Israel had not yet been born BUT was to be beleived on as the coming KING (Spiritual) and Savior. When Jesus was born, grew up, crucified the change took place because of CHRIST and CHRIST alone
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For starters, Jesus *was* a Jew, indeed he was a rabbi. It should also be noted that this is proof that he was married.
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Can't really say but I do know that the torah which is read in Judaism is the exact same books in the christian bible which are known as the books of the law or the first five books of the bible. Genisis, Exodus, etc. Both groups also believe in the same God who is called Yahwee. The only difference I really know of between them is that christians believe that the messiah was Jesus Christ but Jews are still waiting for the messiah to come and fullfill old testament prophesy. I believe Jesus is the messaih and the ultimate king of Glory. I believe as a Christian that Jesus died on a cross at calavary, rose 3 days after His death, is alive now, and that He will return for us. :-)
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How in the world does saying Jesus was a Jew and a Rabbi prove that he was married?  That is just insane.  If you can point out a particular scripture where it states that, I would love to see it.  If not, then your saying it does not make it true.

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