What religion came first? Christianity or Islam? (p.s. I mean no harm)


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Yes, Christianity is older than Islam. The timing of the Prophet Muhammad was 570 Mecca to Christianity: 65-70AD
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Christianity and Islam both span from Judaism but the first one to happen was Christianity as Jesus Christ was born circa. 0 AD and the Prophet Mohammed was born circa. 570 AD. An interesting fact to note is that islam recognises Jesus as a prophet just not the son of God.
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You are right, and another thing of interest is that Mohammed was a descendent from the child Abraham had with his servant.
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Christianity is older than Islam .
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The teachings of Islam have been the same in Bible, Torat, Zubur, and all the divine Bboks.
Quran teaches the oneness of Allah. Hazrat Adam taught his children the same thing. It's just that the teachings were revived after sometime, when the people adopted the wrong path.
Islam started from Hazrat Adam, and Mosa revived it, Hazrat Sulaiman, Yaqub, Yousaf, Eisa (Peace be upn all them), and finally, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
So Islam isn't a new religion. The teachings of Islam have been there from the time of Hazrat Adam(PBUH).

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Judaism first, Christianity second and Islam third, they are all the same religion if you ask me
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Richard Anthony Losanta
Yeah we believe in one same God but only different practices and principles :)
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Judaism and Christianity are almost the same. Islam has an entirely different origin. I cannot say it here. I will be stoned.
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Yeah like Unamatrix said, but they are not tall the same religion. Islam is diff from Christianity.
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The Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, was written during the period 1100 BC to 100 AD. Muhammad the founder of Islam wrote the Quran 600 years after Christ (actually his secretary Abu Bakr wrote it, Muhammad being illiterate). Muhammad died on June 8, 632 AD. Jesus is mentioned in the Quran, but He is considered only as a messenger or prophet of God.

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