In What Way Did Judaism Influence Christianity And Islam?


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Detailed account  of how Christianity came from Judaism
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Religious festivals - most of the religious festivals observed by christians originate from judaism.
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Judaism came first; with the least followers of the three. 3000BC
Then came Christianity with the most followers of the three. 1AD
Then came Islam with the second most followers of the three. 700AD
Judaism has been considered a cloak of satanism.
Islam has been considered a misogynistic cult for boys who despise women - a misogynistic, tunnel-vision adaptation of Christianity.

Judaism is a professionally sadistic, but subtle cloak of satanism.
The root of all evil.
Look up the Kol Nidre.
It's not just a Talmud thing.

God doesn't like money and God Loves, forgives and accepts everyone.
Unless you don't first?
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If you call Judaism cloak of satanism. Then what would that make christians they worship the same God. God don't hate money. He hates the love of money which also is the root of all evil.
God does not accept everyone. He only excepts people if there sins are forgiven and we get that through the blood of Jesus. Judaism is based on the law in the law you have to be perfect no one can do it. Jesus brought grace.
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It didnt Islam came be4 Judaism and Judaism and Christianity came from Islam
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Nonsense. Judaism is the base of these three so-called monotheist religions. Jews are now in the eighth century of the sixth millennium (the year 2008 will correspond to the years 5768-5769). In the Christian calendar, we are 2008. The current Islamic Year is 1429 AH. That should answer the question.
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Islam came after judaism and christianity. So how could christianity and judaism come from islam
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Let's see, Mohammad was born in 570 AD, and wasn't reportedly visited by the angel Gabriel and his subsequent flight from Mecca in the year 622, which was the start of the Islamic Era...
So you say Islam, which came about 600 years after Jesus, who was Jewish, came first and Judaism came from Islam?
And just what have YOU been smoking?

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