How Do You Play An Ouija Board By Yourself?


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Though it may be possible for a person to play the ouija game by oneself it is recommended that the game be played by at least two or three people. The optimum number of players is three and two are recommended; more or less than this is not recommended. Since a person playing alone may subconsciously move the planchette themselves.

The ouija board is used as a medium to connect with the spirits. Everyone playing it should be open to the idea and it recommended that a prayer be recited before playing the same. A spirit which wishes to leave should be allowed to do so. Each person should ask questions individually. Do not ask for anything that is bad or that may be construed as negative.

Many people remain sceptical about the genuineness behind the ouija boards.
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There is no homework to do. God is against that for a reason. Ouija boards are not a toy, not a game. They are real portals for dead spirits. These dead spirits are actually demons who vary in different degrees. They come specifically to harm you. They start off nice, but begin doing harm to you and your family. Unless you are rooted in God and in Jesus you can't get rid of them. Run to a church instead and they'll tell you exactly what happens. They ususally have to call priests in to do battle. God Bless you and don't DO IT.
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Yes I have played one alone before...but most of the time it is good have someone with you, you never know just what might happen
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First of all you need to be very relaxed. Now the bord itself is not possessed by demons or Satan
you should take a bath because it cleanses your energy you don't want to draw the wrong attention.turn the lights off and light a candle or two now keep your finger on the board don't keep taking it off because it  move at first meditate and slowly the board will move and NEVER ask the board (spirit) for its name because if you attract the wrong attention (demon)
it will feel threatened and it will try to attack. Not saying that all spirits are demonic but there is a hand full of them out there so be careful. And if it  does not work out then do it with some other person it tends to work better and its moree fun. Blessed be. =)
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Maybe, I don't know but I want to know myself. But I have heard it is proper spooky/creepy.
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How do you use a Ouija board by yourself because when I used it wit me friends ummm I talked to mu uncle randy who died of cancer I miss him a lot and I want to talk to him please tell me how a.s.a.p
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Uh I have tried it is VERY hard if you have a friend maybe get him/her to touch YOUR hands my friend and I tried that and it WORKED! We were freaked out!
Oh and be CAREFUL!  Best wishes! $.$
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I tried it alone once, and got nothing. However, I tried it with my brother and the planchette moved about 3 inches, then the candle we used got extremely dim, then extremely bright. It repeated itself for a minute and a half. Spooky stuff.
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  NEVER try a Quija board on your own. If using it with a friend, BOTH of you do your homework before even TOUCHING it.

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Um...Mike? I think the volume on your keyboard may be set a little high... Can I get you to turn it down a little? It's kinda making my ears ring a little... (^_^)
Awesome dude Gonzalez
I have a oujja board what do I do what time
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Hi Asuka, UMM, how do u mean by my keyboard being set a little high? On another note, your shout box is invisible. I can't find it anywhere.
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Yea mayne it works alone thats how I play so I know for sure that no 1 else is moving it fooling around..want to step it up a nother level put some of your own blood on the board..can't be a chicken S**T though..Works wonders

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