How Do You Use An Ouija Board?


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An Ouija board is a medium which the dead and spirits supposedly use to communicate with people. It takes two people to play Ouija. It takes two people to play Ouija. Usually a male and female is recommended to play the game. Create a certain atmosphere before using the Ouija. The game is fun and spooky if you make the room dark and light the candles to create the right ambience. Turn off any source of distraction. The two users should not use a table but sit facing each other with a board seated on their laps. One of the two users should be asking questions. Put your fingers on the planchette. Make sure that your partner and you lightly place your hands extremely lightly on the pointer or the planchette.

Make sure that you start with a simple close-ended question, the one that invites yes or no for an answer. Give the board some time to 'warm up.' You should not ask stupid questions. Also do not ask for physical cues. Do not go by everything that the board tells you. Make sure that there is a person who writes down the answers. You can go to www.damnedgames.comcf_odirections.html for more information.
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If you start talking with someone who could be the devil, you could have a cursed house which has enough bad luck for everyone in the house to die.
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Daniel cartwright
The Devil?? Are you for real. The Ouija board is used to contact the dead not mythalogical beasts!
Anyone can use a Ouija board but very few know how to use it properly. The dead are everywhere all from different time lines and a lot can be negative or positive spirits, so if you are making a joke of the ouija board in your house and a negative spirit takes offence or a dislike to you, they may try and force you out of your home. And it is not pleasant. So if you want to do it find a professional medium and try not to do it in your own home.
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Hi Emma, it depends on what you believe and if you believe in what is happening on the board in answer to your question, then I suppose you could say it worked. The nature of this type of game plays on the mind, and can be scary. Not sure about the logic rules, as it is the person who is identifying something specific on the board, who has a choice of logic or belief in it. So if it worked for you, the answer to the question you asked wil have meant something to you. And if doesn't work for you then you probably didn't get the answer you sought. The logic, well its like tossing a coin.
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DON'T USE IT! Your question tells me you are just a curious person exploring the edges of your existence. The Ouija is not a toy, and should not even be messed with.
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The best way to use a ouija board is to take it outside and pour lighter fluid on it and burn the thing to ashes.Ouija board use is the number one cause of demonic possession in the united states today.
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Its supposed to be the devil or demons sending a message out to you
I have a realy gud story but it's 2 long
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I actually messed with the board with my cousin when we were young. It answered slow at first, after we used it about 12 times it moved fast for us. He always thought I was moving it and I thought the same of him. The last time we used it I was making up what the spirit was saying, I said I was going to get into a car accident on August 19th. Well on august 19th me and my mom were driving to find a mountain bike shop. We passed the address turned around and I said mom there it is. And when we looked back in front of us there was a car stopped and she rear ended it on August 19th. As soon as I got home I called my cousin and told him he didn't believe me so my mom got on the phone and told him. He never wanted to use it again after that night. I'm getting the chills right now just talking about it.
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Heard that its linked with some kind of supernatural power and within an a year or so I encountered with someone like that , my experience says its not good to deal with dark forces of nature , try to read BIBLE it will give you peace of mind

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