Can Catholics Go To Sunday School?


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Yes, it is, in fact, normal for Catholic children to attend Sunday school before their first communion. In most parishes, Sunday school will take place before Mass, or in between two Masses, in larger churches. This way, parents can drop their child off on Sunday and wait at Mass, if it is too far for them to go home and return again.

Sunday School in Catholic churches is very similar to what you would find among Protestant denominations. There is usually a separate teacher who will read Bible stories to the children, and kids may be given some simple assignments to complete at home. On occasion, the parish priest will come by and speak with the children, or tell them a story.

Most kids in Catholic Sunday are between 7 and 10 years of age and are expected to come to school every Sunday. At the end of the program, each child will be given the opportunity to make their first confession, and will then take their first communion at a special Mass, in which boys will dress formally in a suit and tie (or in some cases, in white robes) while girls will be in white dresses and will often wear a white, lace veil.

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