Why Do Catholics Celebrate Mass?


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The simple reason with regards to why Catholics celebrate Mass is because they have to. If they do not to go church then they are not seen as proper Catholics and are not going to be taking the religion seriously enough. Not only this, but Catholics go to celebrate Jesus and God and therefore they are going to be the best catholic that they can be if they manage to go to church every Sunday. Finally, Catholics go to Mass because they want to. They are religious because they believe in the story that is told and they think that it is true. There are many different opinions on the bible and different religions, but if Catholics go to church then they are supporting the bible and everything that it stands for.

There is much more that you are going to be able to find out with regards to why Catholics celebrate Mass as there is a lot of information which is within the bible to suggest that people should go to mass every week. Online you are going to be able to find many different articles which are going to help you to understand the different reasons which are in place and you can go into as much detail as you like with regards to the study that you may be doing.

As there is a lot of different opinions out there on the bible, you are going to find that you come across many different arguments and opinions with regards to Mass and how this makes you a good catholic, it is up to you which argument you believe and which one you support, or if you don't support any at all. You are going to find that there are always going to be different opinions on the matter and it is up to you whether you remain neutral or sway towards an argument.

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