Why Does A Leo Guy Ignore A Girl?


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It's very strange behavior for a Leo man to ignore anybody! The lion is the most extroverted sign in the Zodiac and as a result is very expressive, emotional and confident.

Normally Leos wear their heart on their sleeves and will not hesitate to tell someone how they feel about them.

Why would a Leo man ignore a girl?
  • Leos have a lot of positive traits that other signs find very intriguing, and as a result they normally enjoy a large social circle. Leo men are generous, warm and creative. They are also very enthusiastic, broad-minded, expansive and faithful. They are known to be loyal and loving towards the most important people in their lives.
  • On the downside, the Leo man can be domineering and arrogant. They have a tendency to be pompous, and at times can be very patronizing towards other people. Leo men can get easily involved in matters that are none of their business, and can also be intolerant.
  • There is no astrological reason why a Leo guy might ignore a girl. Usually if a Leo man likes a girl, he will shout it from the rooftops - and if he doesn't like someone, he will certainly let them know.
  • My only meaningful conclusion is that this Leo man in particular is in a state of flux. He has not realized what he wants from the girl in question yet and as such he can't quite comprehend the situation or know how to deal with it. This may explain his odd behavior.
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I think a Leo man might ignore a girl because he is very sensitive. He is also very powerful, manly and confident - and when his pride/ego is hurt, then he will ignore what has made him feel so unworthy.
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I agree! I am currently seeing a Leo Male and I haven't heard from him since Sunday. We were both off the next day and I made plans to go out of the house and I assumed because he didn't ask me that he wasn't going to see me that night. So I went ahead and told him "Ok. Night." He text me back four minutes later saying "Whatever" I told him that was pretty childish. He then responded with " "have fun tonight" I told him "You Too." And I have text him two days in a row and haven't heard from him yet. I figured he may have been upset that I inadvertently blew him off that night and decided to give me some space. So here we are on Thursday no reply. What the heck?

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