How To Tell If A Leo Likes You?


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Leo is the most extroverted and expressive sign of the Zodiac. If a Leo likes you then you will definitely know about it.

They will shower you in gifts and presents, make romantic gestures and ask you out on dates. There is nothing subtle about a Leo when it comes to attraction!

How to tell if a Leo likes you?

  • Leo's are typically warm-hearted and extremely generous. They're also known for their creative streak, their enthusiastic nature and their faithfulness and loyalty to the most important people in their lives.
  • The lion also has some negative traits. They have the potential to be pompous and patronizing to others. They can also be too bossy, dogmatic and intolerant.
  • Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the Zodiac. It is an extroverted sign and is one of three fire signs, and one of four fixed signs.
  • Leos are depicted by the lion and are known for their fiery characteristics and passionate nature. Typically Leos will enjoy a large social circle, with people naturally warming to their openness and positive attitude.
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They would directly tell you that they like you. They would also try to get your full attention everytime that you're in their presence.

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