Is A Leo Guy Usually Attracted To An Aquarius Girl?


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Yes they are. As the old saying goes, opposites attract! This is certainly the case with these two. The Leo guy finds in the Aquarius girl the perfect opposite to his own character, and someone who he is intrigued to learn more about.

However, the Leo man's constant need for attention may be a stumbling block, as it's not in Aquarius woman's nature to provide him with this.

Leo man Aquarius woman
  • The Leo man is the most extroverted sign in all of the Zodiac. He is known for his generosity, warmth, wit, and confidence, although he does have the potential to patronize others and to be pompous and pretentious.
  • The Aquarius woman is naturally quieter than the Leo man, but she is just as friendly and well-mannered. She is peaceful, composed and dreamy - and when she is matched up with a more confident type, this can bring the best out of her under used abilities.
  • The Leo man's masculinity and strong personality makes him very appealing to an Aquarius woman. His patience and thoughtfulness warms her heart, and his openness can help her express her emotions in a far better way.
  • They have opposing views about many issues in life (due to the nature of fire and water) but in the right match between these signs, these problems can be easily overcome. When they learn to accept their differences that is when they will become inherently more stronger together.

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