Can Zombies Climb Stairs?


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No but they can pile up and create zombie ramps.  Zombies are the dead risen flesh will rot and decompose so muscle structure is gone.
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Despite the fact you think they shouldn't be able to, Zombies can climb stairs, especially the 'Runner' or 28 Days Later variety. Zombies are not Daleks, who for years where flummoxed by stairs and will basically try and follow you wherever you go, and cross any obstacle they come across.  

So even though it might not be the first thing you think about while being chased down by Zombies, yes they can climb stairs so make sure you have a plan B ready by the time you get to the top!
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While Daleks can not 'climb' stairs, they do have the ability to hover, allowing access.
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If theyre super mutated zombies then yes
altho they sometimes can manage smaller steps if not mutated- larger ones are more of a challenge because their limbs don't work properly and often fall off (:
Hope thats helpfull
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No but they can form a zombie ramp and climb over.

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