What Does The Ten Of Cups Mean In Tarot?


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The Ten of Cups is The Lord of Perfected Success which has a numerical value of 10. Upright it means lasting happiness and security. However at times this could possibly be indicative of being stuck in a rut. It generally symbolizes good reputation and honour, happy family life and true friendship. It could be perfect love and harmony between people. It shows a search for fulfilment that is marked with success. It could refer to a peaceful and secure environment.

If the card is dignified or reversed it generally refers to the manipulation of society in favour of personal gain. It could be a loss of friendship or family quarrels. It could symbolise anti-social actions or a sudden and violent disruption of a structured environment and routine. You might want to look for signs of new births or new adolescents.

The card itself depicts a happy family pictured under a rainbow and ten cups above.

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