Can You Tell Me Some Traditional Love Spells To Try Out At Home?


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I recommend not doing love spells. They will usually hurt you in the end. But if you must, create a phrase or chant that you write down and then get alone in a room where you are comfortable with a red candle. Light the candle (preferably small ones so they can be left alone) and meditate for a few minutes and then after you are relaxed say the words you wrote out loud. Say them as many times as you feel necessary to get the point across and then leave the room with the candle burning.

It helps if you do not have a specific person in mind. Spells only work if it is what you really really want, so make sure you put lots of desire behind your phrase or chant. It may not happen instantly. Your potential lover will not fall in your arms the moment you finish. It will be more subtle but when you notice it happened you will be satisfied.
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Try to please every one and try to be fair n nice. Give time to your love ones and you should be there when ever they need you. Good Luck!

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