Are There Any Dangers Of Magic Love Spells? If So Kind Of Dangers?


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Well the dangers of love spells vary.... It depends on the spell, and what its supposed to do, like if you want someone bound to you, they literally can get over obsessed over you, and that can't always be good, cause of the stories I've heard..... And yer, there's something about messing with another soul, let it be human or in my case, plutopia, :P....
If you have any other queries, just ask, I'm always check in
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thank you for your answer! do you know how long it would take for a magick spell to start working and how long it would last?
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well from the little idea i have about them
it depends on what spells you are talking about and the caster
also matters u see these spells are real but to find the right parson to cast one for you perfectly is the problem.
most are scammers others know a little about the process and end up telling people that they can do the job and i think those unfinished jobs are the ones which have consequences but there are real casters and they know what they do.
i first experienced this 10 years ago with my elder sister who wanted help for her marriage

it was her mother in law we was making her life a bitter hell because she wanted her son to marry another woman as you know we Indians with arranged marriages so we started looking for one but we encountered almost seven of them but all fake here in south africa but one referred us to another who helped us and he was far down the village. so dear they work but you have to get the right caster if you want him his numbers are +27764463373 or visit his website
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First danger: Magic is not for everyone. Someone improperly trained and emotionally/spiritually ready for performing 'magic,' will, in the best case, simply be ineffectual. BUt if you do manage to summon up some power, well, there are many spirits and spiritual forces. They are _not_ all benevolent. You open yourself up to interference, or even possession if you are not properly prepared.
Then, of course, there are the dangers, even for someone who ought to be 'doing magic' due to training and state of mind/soul, that can result from the magic itself.
If you are not being trained by another who has enough training and expertise to train you, please, do not attempt this thing.
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Hundreds of dangers - There's the problem you might become very distressed and end up with a very stout pig. Love spells can make you love -anything- this always reminds me of my friend who fell in love with her Flute. I've caught her a number of times now doing some rather obscene things with this flute - None of which I will repeat here.

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