Do You Know Any Magic Love Spells To Attract Someone? (I Need An Easy Spell)


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If you do an internet search for 'magic love spells', you're likely to be inundated by phony websites that offer all sorts of spells that will never work.

If you're interested in a REAL spell that REALLY works, I'd recommend you try out the following enchantment. (I tried it, and I've been married for nearly 15 years!)

Magic love spell
If you know anything about Paganism, Wicca, and real witchcraft, you'll know that casting a spell isn't just about chanting magic words and brewing potions.

Witchcraft is a science, and requires discipline and concentration.

According to an old book I inherited from a great aunt, the following is a simple spell you can cast to make someone fall deeply in love with you. As far as I know, it's worked 100% of the time.

As deep as sea, As dark as night, Grant my desires, This sacred night.
Venus shadows cast, Along this line, Make my heart his (or hers), And her/his heart mine.
To successfully cast this spell, you'll first need to write these words down on a piece of paper. Then you'll need to collect the following items:

  • A lock of the person's hair
  • A sprig of lavender (a herb often associated with love)
  • Two wings from a fly (to help the incantation travel to the person it's aimed at)
  • A drop of your own blood.
Put all these ingredients on the paper, roll it up, and burn it.

You can do this anywhere, at any time (so, no - it doesn't need to be midnight on a full-moon or anything like that... This isn't Charmed!).
Once you've cast the spell, you need to spend an hour or so meditating and calmly thinking about the person in question. You should notice the effects of the spell within a fortnight.

Good luck!

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Have you ever read books by Scott Cunningham or Silver Ravenwolf? Both have very practical easy spells for everything.
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Make a stir-fry for the person you want to fall in love. Just before dishing up, throw in 3 rose petals and chant your name three times. Got this off a website 2 years ago.

It is obviously not scientific but it worked for me - 2 years later I'm engaged. I think you just need to be a believer.

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