Why Human Being Came Into This World, What Is The Purpose Of Their Life?


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Human being came into this world for spending a life according to the God's desire and will; Life is a gift of God for them. Who spend their life according to the God's method then, they are the one who are liked by God. There are many people in this world, who are spending their life in pain and misery, and for them life is not a gift; it's just a pain for them.

Each and every person has different purpose of life. Someone want to be a lawyer, someone want to be a doctor. For some people, the purpose of their life is their children's good future. Some one wants to obtain their love of life. So every person has different purpose of life. But when they are not able to achieve their goal then, they become very disappointed, and for them life is just pain.

In our society, there are many people who just want to fulfill their family's basic needs that are food, clothes and a home. Where they can live their life peacefully, which is very difficult in current times to obtain these things.Every one has their own purpose and if a person doesn't have any purpose of life then, that person is a dummy. That person can't walk with the society and soon left behind.
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Without getting religious or deeply philosophical, I believe that we are here to love and care for each other. To give as much of ourselves as we can. If you are looking for your specific purpose in life and believe in fate or a supreme being, then your purpose could be something as simple as holding a door open for a stranger or as dramatic as saving a life after an accident or a disaster. The hard part comes in accepting that what ever your "purpose" is, you may not know when it happens. Furthermore, what you think is/was your purpose may have been a random event and your actual purpose still awaits. Then again, maybe you are someone that has more than one purpose. If these ideas appeals to you, read "The Sirens of Titan", by Kurt Vonegut. It is a SCI FI story that deals with this subject.
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God created us. We were spirits with God and he sent each of us individually on Earth to get our physical bodies and take the trials and tribulations on Earth to see how righteous we are. If we pass and are worthy enough in our God's eyes, then we will forever live with him in his kingdom. If we follow Satan and his demons then we go to hell with Satan forever...
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Wel scientists believe we came from the big bang theory. WHICH IS INCORRECT because that doesnt tel us exactly wen it begins. One could ask how did the big bang happen and before that and before that. So I believe we al came from God. And if you want to learn more just read the bible. Genesis
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At the most basic level we are here to experience life. The meaning and purpose of the universe...the meaning and purpose of our lives well...I think we are here on a need to know basis. What you need to know each day will be presented to you in many ways. Nothing that happens to you is coincidence. You will always know what you need to know when you need to know it.
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Adam as well as Eve might be an answer and not conflict by means of development if you obtain the complete man can as of the ground thing metaphorically as well as the Eve as of a rib thing metaphorically. Imagine they subdivided as of a being so as to be equally male as well as female and that Adam developed earlier than Eve. As fines obtain interested in account the women of the ground who wedded the sons of Adam as well as Eve and guess so as to they were the products of parallel development excluding that they were not the selected couple to father every one future generation.

Believe concerning the option that Eve was not exclusive other than Adam was. He might have been the simply male to part effectively his x from his y chromosomes. He mates by means of Eve as well as their boys mate with the other women and the rest is the past. The when is at subject as to whether it was 3000 years before or 50,000 years before as time is not a confidence wherever the Bible is concerned? Science assumes so as to the arbitrational fields of the galaxy contain be the similar intended for an extended while. That is part of the entire Big Bang hypothesis.
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Well of course none of us really knows for sure where we came from.    The two opposing big answers are from a creator God and the other is that we evolved.   Both have deep questions BUT I personally believe that  we were created, though I have read countless evolution books.
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God didnt create us! A Fairy and a goblin had a wild night of passion after one too many tequilas. The result was Human beings! I think that is a little more believable that god!
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You know a lots of people say too many different things because they don't know tha match . 1- we created by god hand one man and one woman and one place in east africa ethiopia you believe or not thats the bottom line don't fool your self people

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