What Does Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out And Rotting Mean?


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Dreams about damaged or absent teeth are very common, and can be interpreted in a number of ways. They are usually thought to represent your anxieties and fears about how others perceive you.

Understanding Dreams About Teeth
  • If you dream of your teeth crumbling and falling out, this could symbolize a fear of embarrassing yourself in front of others.
  • Dreams about teeth rotting are thought to reflect anxieties about your appearance. Have you been suffering from low self-esteem lately, or has something made you feel less attractive than usual?
  • On a more primal level, we need our teeth to bite (defend ourselves) and eat (sustain ourselves). If you take this into consideration, your dream could symbolize feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability.
  • Have you seen your dentist recently, or do you have to see them soon? Maybe you've had a bit of tooth-ache recently. If so, your dream could just be a reflection of the fact that you've been thinking about your teeth.

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