What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Train Derailing? And People You Know Falling Out Of The Train Hitting The Ground But Are Ok...Then When You Try To Talk To Them They Don't Answer You.


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Javier Pizana answered
In other word you are heading on a wrong path....the derailing is your path....the train is you...! Your falling off that path and the people you kno that are flying out are people who care about you but you don't let them help you! Its like if your kicking them out of your train (YOU)! People stop trusting you and they want to help but they can't because you wont let them....thats what I mean by kicking them out of your train! When they don't answer you is because they don't trust or believe you. Your lies or any bad thing stops them from trusting you....they might talk to you in real life but in there mind they don't actually believe you! (-_-) I had a dream the same way but I was the plane and my family and friends kept jumping out! It was very horrible!

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