Why do I have dreams about my teeth falling out?


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Jil Blue answered
Dreaming of your teeth falling out means a general feeling of loss of control accompanies your dream, of feeling helpless and anxious, then this could mean that you feel helpless and not in control of a waking life situation.
Words you "chew on" or ponder may cause this. Thinking negatively for example.
Your teeth that grow back are weaker. Your bite and ability to chew is less meaning you don't ponder but accept words coming your way.
People say things and you accept them as true instead of chewing on it for awhile so to speak and then spit those words out as unacceptable. You can not because you have no teeth. Like a baby, you accept without question.
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chris de wet answered
You have a mental order that needs attention. Have you had uncommon headaches ? Go see a doctor to scan you , i think you have something thats affecting your mind.
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riju kumar answered
Hmmm.....i think u dont take good care of ur teeth dude...if u brush twice a day u will not feel insecure and hence u will not get these dreams..
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ben walker answered
It might be bcause if you have nice teeth and everyones like complimenting them then you might not want to let them down

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