What Do Dreams About Rotting Teeth Mean?


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Dreams about chipped teeth are thought to be symbolic of a lack of control in your life.

It might seem like a strange thing to dream about, but dreams about bad things happening to your teeth are actually very common. They also tend to occur more often in adults than in children.

Dreams About Chipped Or Broken Teeth

Supposedly, dreams about chipped teeth suggest that you don't have as much control as you'd like over certain aspects of your life. What was happening in your dream when you noticed that your teeth were chipped? Who was present? Thinking about this might provide an indicator as to where you're lacking control. An alternative theory is that chipped teeth symbolise a part of your life that you're neglecting to give enough attention to.

Dreams About Rotting Teeth

This is the most common type of dream about teeth. If you dream that your teeth are rotting or decaying, this is thought to represent anxiety, stress and worry. These dreams are often the most terrifying, and seem like nightmares. Decay is a sign of ageing, so dreams of rotting teeth can also be interpreted as a fear of ageing or departing from youth.

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Dreams about teeth decay and loss are classic dreams symbolizing pregancy.
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I haven't had sex to be pregnant besides I'm on my period right now so I think we can rule that one out lol :)
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You were probably presenting a baby for the family's examination . . . Perhaps for approval.
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No no, not about actual pregnancy, or about pregnancy related things like menstruation. 'Tis about what's going on in the subconscious, the dream state. But your comment is instructive in its own right, in the sense that one's period does occupy ones thoughts and might even engender a conflict of emotions that could be expressed during the "reverie" of sleep. Also, had you actually been in the way, the dream would in all likelihood be different - preg'y beinga deed in fact, not a UC/primal thing
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It means that you may have said something to someone that you probably should not have...(like an argument...or saying something mean)...kinda means be careful what you say..
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If you dream that you have rotten or decaying teeth forewarns that your health and/or business is in jeopardy. You may have uttered some false or foul words and those words are coming back to haunt you.

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