What Does The Bible Say About The Seasons?


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The bible says a lot about the times and the seasons. Beginning at Creation Gen 1:14... God created the sun and the moon for seasons, days, and years! In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8..there is a season a time and a purpose concerning our lives under Heaven. There is also a time when the Kingdom of God will be restored to Israel.Acts.1: 6,7 and its not for us to know when. Mat.24:3-31..Jesus gives evidence of signs and seasons to look for before the return of Christ. And signs concerning the end! Mat.16:1-4. We are living in a season right now for people to be saved! It is a season for Salvation, the Holy Spirit is God in the earth today drawing men to Christ! For His coming is nearer than we realize.Rom.13:11-14...I hope this helps you...Genaveve

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