What Does The Bible Say About The Goddess Demeter? (Is There A Quote That Mentions Her?)


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I was quite curious about this question, so I decided to do some research - but, as far as I can tell, there is no mention of the the Goddess Demeter anywhere in the Bible.

Is Demeter in the Bible?
Demeter  was the name of an Ancient Greek Goddess. She was associated with the following things:

  • Earth
  • Fertility
  • Loss of a child
  • Motherhood,
  • Mourning
  • The changing of the seasons
  • Harvest
Am I mentioned, I've searched a number of different sources, and I can't find "Demeter" in the Bible at all.

However, there are numerous references to pagan fertility gods and their worship, especially in the Old Testament.

Of the pagan Gods mentioned in the Bible, a Goddess called Astarte is one of them. She is a Babylonian goddess of fertility and beauty, and plays a prominent role in Babylonian mythology.

What does the Bible say about Godess Demeter?

Another possibility is that you are thinking of "Diana" as in "Diana of the Ephesians".

Her images often have 100 breasts, as she was "mother of all living things". However, she is a mistress of magickal arts among Witches (even to this day) and also a powerful moon goddess.

I'd recommend Ephesians 19:28 if you're looking for evidence of Goddess Diana mentioned in the Bible.

Whenever I'm looking for Bible passages, I use a website called

It's really easy to use, you simply type in the word you want, and it finds all the places it is used.
You also get to scan through them and pick what is relevant.
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The Bible does not mention Demeter in any way, shape or form, although statues of Demeter (Roman Ceres) and Persepone (Mother and female infant) were worshipped in the ancient world.

These statues later became confused with images of the Madonna and infant Christ.

Many ancient churches in the Mediterranean are supposedly built over shrines to Demeter/Ceres. This is the only connection I can think of.

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